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The Finishing Touch—Coloration

The finishing touch to any Custom Rock Formliner project is our professionally-applied coloration. Our standard formliners are molded from stone, wood, brick and other raw materials, which means architectural projects created using our formliner—and the crevices, recessed areas, grain patterns and other textures that come from natural products—are only enhanced by the addition of color.

The result? A finished project that displays the color subtleties, shifting hues, flecks, veins, light, and shadow that you might only find in nature, realistically reproduced through an economical, long-lasting process.

Skillfully Executed

Custom Rock Formliner’s experienced team of highly-skilled craftsman applies stain and color with an eye to nature, while focusing on making your project unique, realistic and truly unforgettable. Combining years of experience and artistic talent, the Custom Rock crew are experts in this art form, a skill most general contractors lack.

Adhering to rigid quality standards and specific procedures—from curing to pressure washing, color choice to application—Custom Rock Formliner and their crew expertly transform your concrete structure with natural-looking, aesthetically-pleasing results that matches your vision.

Bring Your Concrete Project to Life Through Color. Call Us to Learn More.

With beautiful patterns, exceptional customer service and a focus on the details, Custom Rock Formliner is the formliner resource you’ve been looking for. Contact Custom Rock Formliner to discover what we can do for you.