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Concrete Project Design: Formliners and Coloration

Rather than restrained creativity due to tight budgets or high materials costs, architects have more freedom than ever before by utilizing coloration and textures that are available to them from Custom Rock Formliner.

Stained concrete and the use of form liner can create virtually any texture of concrete in any color scheme. No longer are architects held back by the high costs of using natural stone for color, when the combination of formliner and colorized concrete can do such an amazing job of replicating the color and texture of natural stone.

Guanella Pass, Colorado

Architects can now expand their vision when designing buildings, bridges, sound walls, or any other concrete structure. Between its extensive formliner pattern library and custom coloration services, Custom Rock Formliner offers a complete solution.

For the past forty years, form liner has been used to create unique patterns in concrete. As time and technology advanced, formliner has become increasingly versatile, detailed and creative, and expertly added coloration provides architects a new set of tools in delivering the exact feel they desire for their projects.

Through the use of stained concrete, surfaces can be made to have appear as natural stone to blend in with, or stand out from the surrounding environment. Natural coloration combined with the texture created by form liner can create stunningly beautiful aesthetics at a mere fraction of the cost of using real stone or brick.


Little River Canyon National Preserve, Alabama

The combination of texture and coloration adds a new dimension to any construction project. If you would like to learn more concrete coloration and formliner, please contact Custom Rock Formliner at 1.800.637.2447 or search our website at CustomRock.com. Our website features dozens of examples of how the use of formliners and custom colored concrete can add a unique appearance to almost any project.

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Providing the most realistic textures in the industry

At Custom Rock, we hold firmly that our clients include not only the Contractors and Precasters that use our formliner, but also the Project Owners and Architects. We always strive to exceed all our clients expectations through unmatched aesthetics, quality products, and timely delivery.

We pride ourselves on being an information resource in both the design and construction phase of any project. Feel free to contact us anytime. We’re here to help!