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Decorative Concrete Form Liners

Decorative Concrete Form Liners

A choice of materials is widespread for home improvement projects. Concrete is a common choice because homeowners find it to be versatile in decorative constructions. A decorative is a beautified form of the practical, dull, and gray cement. The imbued patterns and colors give the concrete a range finishes that add visual appeal to both the inside and outside the home.

The unlimited benefits of decorative concrete form liners allow the architecture or homeowner to have a broad scope of designs for the homeowner to select. We give attention to detail so that the product has an authentic finish to replicate the following styles:

  • Roman texture
  • Limestone
  • Ashlar stone
  • Cobblestone
  • Flagstone
  • Wood plank
  • Tiles
  • Natural stone

Benefits of adding decorative concrete form liners to your construction

Beautiful designs

A skilled constructor will customize the design in just about any way you want. Your floors, walls, and paths do not have to resemble typical concrete when you have so many options from Custom Rock. The most common categories of choice include:

  • Texture variations, such as smooth, stenciled, engraved, or patterned.
  • Different colors with decorations of stains, marbling or tint
  • A stamped appeal that looks like wood, marble, shells, fossils, slate and many more items

The versatility adds charm to the home at an affordable price. The beautiful walls are charming to the landscape and give your porch, patio, or fireplaces a striking impression.


The sidewalk and driveway can get a lot of heavy traffic, hence will out faster than other areas. A lesser-known benefit of decorative concrete form liners is that it does not get easy damage such as scratches and chipping. The concrete will withstand heavyweights such as furniture, constant scrapping by pets, or the continuous movement of cars. These concrete formats have more layers than the plain version; hence they can withstand more weight.

Easy maintenance

It is smart to install features that will ease the cleaning and maintenance schedules. Decorative concrete is excellent because it requires the least maintenance. You can easily mop the floor for daily cleaning and use wax once a year to restore the shine. Sealing the outdoor concrete four or five times a year will prevent extensive cracks that jeopardize its strength.


Decorative concrete is one of the best options for the environment. You do not have to uninstall old materials that will only end up in a landfill, or add new elements by straining the ecosystem. Simple decorations like a new color, pattern, or overlay will spruce up space with minimal effort and contamination.

Cooling properties

Home improvement should be in alignment with the surrounding ecosystem. Decorative flooring is ideal because it has one of the best cooling capabilities, in comparison to other materials like marble. Consequentially, you will enjoy reduced AC bills and attractive home value.

Enjoy the beauty and value of your new home by choosing decorative concrete for all your home improvement projects on walls, floors, and walk paths. Check out our gallery for inspiration and reach out for consultation on how we can transform your home at an attractive price deal.


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