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Formliner Project: Devore Interchange

Custom Rock Formliner Project Profile

Project: Devore Interchange Project / I-15 & I-215

 California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

General Contractor: Atkinson Construction

Project Location: Devore, CA

Application: Devore Community Sign

Custom Rock Scope of Work:
Custom Rock provided custom concrete formliners using various materials including urethane, EPS foam and Plyform in order to create sharp, detailed lettering, and wood textures to complement a thematic mountain scene, cowboy hats and various sign graphics. Custom Rock also provided coloration services for the architectural concrete staining.

The purpose of the Devore Interchange Project, from I-15 Glen Helen Parkway thru I-215, is to reduce congestion and improve freeway operation.  As part of the highway improvements Caltrans designed community entry signs for the City of Devore, the scope of which incorporates historic Route 66 and surrounding mountain areas, both of which were reflected in the design theme of the signs.

Two custom concrete signs were placed along the north and south bound I-15 freeway, which replaced the historic Route 66 in 1985.  Both of the signs stand 12 feet high by 32 feet wide and are stained with the two colors that were used throughout the freeway interchange improvements.

The design theme of the sign required several different textures, shapes and edges, so Custom Rock worked with Atkinson Construction to determine the best way to create the desired effect, using various formliner materials; urethane, foam and plastic, which allowed for both smooth surfaces as well as a textured look for the mountain scene background which has a sandblast finish.

For their part Custom Rock manufactured custom formliner molds, provided shop drawings, details for all graphics, and 3” lettering reliefs.  Custom Rock also created special cast-in-place foam block outs to form the various mountain top heights for the monolithic cast concrete sign.

You can read more about the project via Atkinson Construction and the project website.

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