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Formliner Project: Smithsonian National Zoo

Custom Rock Formliner Project Profile

Project: National Zoological Park

 Smithsonian Institution

General Contractor: Hensel Phelps

Precast Contractor: Smith-Midland

Project Location: Washington D.C.

Application: Retaining Wall

Custom Rock Scope of Work:
Custom Rock provided custom concrete formliners in high re-use Duraform Urethane for use in precast beds to create panels in a stone pattern to match a natural stone on the nearby Rock Creek Parkway

As part of a larger refurbishment project in the Asia Trail section of the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington D.C., Custom Rock Formliner – via their distributor Hunt Valley Distributors, Owings Mills, MD – provided custom form liners to Smith Midland, the precast company contracted by Hensel Phelps to manufacture a simulated stone retaining wall to replace existing structures along the entrance road of the park.

The pattern created by Custom Rock was a custom ashlar pattern designed to reflect the look of an existing stone wall.  Custom Rock distributor Hunt Valley Distributors took molds directly from the natural stone wall on neighboring Rock Creek Parkway.  To ensure that the wall looked exactly as the source wall, and as natural as possible, Custom Rock worked with Smith Midland to design a unique keyed pattern that fit special keyed beds, allowing the panels to match up along the grout joint, making it easier to keep the pattern from repeating and to make installation and finishing more efficient

The award winning simulated stone retaining wall stands 850 foot long x 30 foot high along the Asia Trail at the Smithsonian National Zoo, the refurbishment of which included a Panda House, seven new animal exhibits, outdoor gathering and demonstration areas, water features and themed landscaping.

Please use the following links to read more about the Smithsonian National Zoo project and the award winning precast concrete retaining wall manufactured by Smith Midland.

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