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The Handling and Care of Architectural Concrete Formliners

Custom Rock Formliner produces architectural formliners in both plastic and urethane elastomeric material. Proper care and handling of our formliners is an important factor in prolonging the life and integrity of the liners.

Custom Rock Duraform (elastomeric) formliners are shipped on pallets approximately 4’ wide by 8’ long and our V-Lite (plastic) formliners are nested and shipped on pallets approximately 4’ wide by 10’ long. A Field Service Bulletin – which provides further information on the application and removal of our liners – is included in every formliner shipment and should be read before moving, storing or using our formliners.

When moving large pallets of formliner proper equipment should be used to avoid personal injury or damage to the product. Specifically, in the case of our plastic liners, gloves should be worn when handling the formliner as the trimmed edges can be sharp.

All Custom Rock formliners are sensitive to the effects of the sunlight, ultraviolet rays, moisture, and extreme weather conditions. Whenever the formliners are not in use they should be stacked flat, stored off the ground, preferably indoors.

If the liners must be stored outside they should be covered with a tarpaulin or black plastic to protect the forming surfaces. Taking these precautions will help to prolong the life of the formliner material and keep the forming surfaces clean.

Along with keeping Custom Rock formliners out of extreme weather and direct sunlight, our formliners should never be exposed to temperatures in excess of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Excessive temperatures can cause permanent deformation and in some cases, cause discoloration of the concrete surface.

Once the formliners are attached to formwork they should be stored on edge to prevent damage. Care should be taken to avoid striking the face with heavy, sharp or heated objects that could cause permanent damage.

Finally, do not immerse formliner in liquid of any kind.

With proper care and handling Custom Rock Formliners will last the length of your project and beyond.

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