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The Cost-Effective Alternative—Formliner Patterns

At Custom Rock Formliner, we offer you a wide range of patterns to produce detailed textures that replicate a variety of natural surfaces, as well as custom designs crafted to our client’s specifications. Whether your project vision incorporates the traditional look of stacked rock, stone masonry or wood, or you’ve designed your vertical concrete project with more abstract patterns or custom graphics, we offer you the best and most cost-effective option.

Custom Rock Formliner enhances the face of any concrete structure, creating stunning exteriors at a fraction of the cost of natural materials or manufactured facades while maintaining the integrity of your design and producing the exact look you expect.

Patterned After Nature

Add visual interest to your architectural concrete project with custom formliner patterns that replicate natural textures and hand-laid stone and rock finishes. Our formliner enhances the look of concrete with textures and finishes that mimic:

Whether bridges, sound or retaining walls, buildings or other architectural concrete applications, Custom Rock Formliner has over 300 standard patterns molded from natural surfaces that will elevate the appearance of any concrete project.

Brick Block

Bricks & Blocks

209 Fluted Rib

Fluted Ribs

201 Fractured Fin

Fractured Fins

Ashlar Stone


Texture Arch and Bell Motif Mural


Custom Rock Wood


In the Abstract

If you’re envisioning something a little different, go beyond the ordinary with one—or several—of our unique geometric or artistic patterns. With the creative application of a variety of textures available, your project takes on a memorable look. Learn more about:

Our fractured and fluted patterns lend themselves nicely to larger graphic or mural applications, while our textured patterns work well in hard-to-fit designs, such as columns or other cylindrical shapes. 

With an almost limitless selection, Custom Rock Formliner’s geometric patterns and textures incorporated into your architectural concrete application will produce the results you desire in the most economical way.

Call Custom Rock Formliner to Bring Your Artistic Vision to Life

Custom Rock Formliner provides the experience, skill and service to fulfill your artistic vision. Whether your design involves natural shapes and textures or more geometric or linear designs, you can trust the creative talents and quality customer service that we bring to every project. Contact industry-leading Custom Rock Formliner to find out more or to schedule your concrete formliner project today.