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Modern & Striking—Fluted Rib Patterns

Custom Rock Formliner fluted rib patterns add depth, texture and abstract visual interest to architectural concrete projects. Used for decades by noted architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, the smooth vertical rows of varying widths, depths, and shapes add interest and a modern look to buildings, walls and many other architectural concrete applications.

Innovative & Artistic

Using any one of Custom Rock Formliner’s many fluted rib patterns—striated, deep rib, sine wave, random vertical—an architectural structure takes on an artistic appearance. Light and shadow play interestingly across the surfaces, whether the fluted rib patterns are high or low relief. From bridges to buildings, Custom Rock Formliner fluted rib patterns work well in multiple applications.

We’re always adding new patterns to our inventory. If you don’t see something that fulfills your needs, please contact a Custom Rock Formliner sales representative who will be happy to show you all of your options.

Put Our Experience & Skill to Work on Your Next Formliner Project

Custom Rock Formliner provides the experience, skill, and service to fulfill your artistic vision. Whether your design involves natural shapes and textures, or more geometric or linear designs, you can trust the creative talents and quality customer service that we bring to every project. Contact industry-leading Custom Rock Formliner to find out more about our products or to discuss your architectural concrete formliner project today.