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Noteworthy & Sculptural—Fractured Fin Patterns

Large graphic or mural projects get added visual appeal from fractured fin patterns. Featuring vertical rows of varying widths and depths, fractured fin patterns provide an otherwise smooth mural design with more graphic interest provided by the deeper shadowing effects of the rugged linear textures. One of the oldest and most popular formliner patterns, it was first created around 1970.

Custom Rock Formliner offers a wide selection of fractured fin patterns and textures, including rope, granite, and aggregate, for a chiseled and often jagged appearance.

Complementary & Creative

Custom Rock Formliner’s fractured fin patterns provide a stunning addition to artistic architectural concrete projects. Incorporated creatively, they work well to offset, frame, or lend texture to a large architectural mural or design. 

Choose from a variety of patterns and textures in both high and low relief.

Although most of our over 300 standard patterns are included on our website there may be further textures and patterns not pictured here that may fit your project design. A Custom Rock Formliner sales representative will be happy to advise you on all options.

Discuss Fractured Fin Patterns With Our Formliner Professionals

For long-lasting, cost-effective, and beautiful surfaces, nothing adds to the appeal of your building project like fractured fin patterns from Custom Rock Formliner. Contact industry-leading Custom Rock Formliner to discuss our complete selection of patterns, get technical information, or to order your concrete formliner today.