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Natural & Rustic—Stone Patterns

Bridges, sound walls, and guard rails take on a natural and rustic appearance with the addition of Stone patterns from Custom Rock Formliner. The use of stones in architecture dates back centuries and injects any architectural concrete project with a look of strength, charm, and historical significance—even if it was erected only yesterday.

Custom Rock Formliner offers a wide selection of stone patterns and textures—including ashlar, drystack, cobblestone, fieldstone and flagstone—all with textures molded from natural stones and laid out in both standard and custom coursings.

Organic & Rugged

Just as there are in nature, Custom Rock Formliner offers a wide variety of Stone patterns and textures:


Ashlar formliners replicate the ancient form of stone masonry by the same name, a style which typically has tight—sometimes dry—mortar joints, with the low-relief stones cut into any variation of trapezoidal or square shapes and featuring a cut-stone texture with natural, hand-tooled or smooth façade. Ashlar can be laid out in even or off-set courses as well as randomly, with the pattern layout designed around a wide variety of rhombus shapes.   

Custom Rock Formliner ashlar patterns are cast from real, natural stone and are available in a variety of treatments for a decorative appearance. 


Drystack patterns are made up of low-height, ledge-type stones, intricately stacked with little-to-no mortar between, giving the pattern a compact, linear look; the chosen stones can be of varying, height, length and even depth. Fitting directly together, drystack patterns are laid-out with a more random, artistic design providing a lot of visual interest.

Like most Custom Rock formliners, our drystack patterns are molded directly from natural stone and rock textures. Often applied on retaining walls and bridges, this pattern is frequently used to replicate or match patterns found in older, existing natural rock architectural projects from the same region.


Random stone and rock patterns are often found in more natural settings, such as state and national parks, as well as projects located near creeks, lakes, and rivers. Some of the most beautifully crafted patterns include varying reliefs of cobblestone, fieldstone and flagstone.

Running Bond

Running bond is a technique for laying out patterns made with masonry bricks or stone blocks.  The width, height and textures of the bricks and blocks vary widely; it’s the way they’re laid out that creates the running bond pattern. Laid out in rows, on top of each other, with an off-set vertical grout joint the running bond technique lends an asymmetrical composition to any architectural concrete project.

All Stone Formliner Patterns

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