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Transformative & Stylish—Wood Patterns

Custom Rock Formliner patterns have the remarkable ability to transform any plain concrete surface into a highly-detailed, stylish façade with many different textures, including all varieties of Wood finishes. Wood patterns simulate both natural and cut wood with a range of options; rustic wood, wide planks, shiplap, barn wood and cedar, to name just a few.

Molded from real wood, the Custom Rock Formliner wood patterns come in a variety of reliefs, widths and finishes, and lend themselves to natural settings in which a wood façade is chosen to play off the surroundings or region but the sturdiness of concrete is a better choice for the longevity of the structure.

Eye-Catching & Memorable

Architects, engineers, and contractors appreciate the eye-catching, natural-looking wood patterns and textures created by Custom Rock Formliner. The perfectly imperfect wood grain textures make every project attractive and memorable.

Custom Rock Formliner offer many more textures not pictured here. A Custom Rock Formliner sales representative will be happy to show you all your options.

Discuss Wood-Patterned Formliners With Our Professional Team

For long-lasting, cost-effective and beautiful surfaces, nothing adds to the attractiveness of your building project like wood patterns from Custom Rock Formliner. Contact industry-leading Custom Rock Formliner to view the complete selection of patterns or to schedule your concrete formliner project today.