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Project Profile: Evangola State Park Terrace Retaining Wall

Project: Evangola State Park Terrace Retaining Wall
Project Owner: New York Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Project Architect: Watts Architecture & Engineering
General Contractor: BVR Construction Company
Project Location: Evangola State Park, Evans, NY
Application: Retaining Wall
Custom Rock Scope of Work: Formliner pattern 1125 Autumn Leaves (A, B & C), custom letters and shapes (DiversiFoam) and coloration services.

The Evangola State Park project included the rehabilitation of an 1100 SF retaining wall, designed with textured concrete insets as well as custom letters and leaf shapes imprinted on a smooth area of the wall. The concrete retaining wall was commissioned by New York Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, designed by Watts Architecture & Engineering, and completed by BVR Construction Company.

Custom Rock Formliner pattern #1125 Autumn Leaves – with stones ranging in size from 1″-12”h x 10”-57”w, stacked without mortar – was used for the rock texture portion of the retaining wall. This drystack pattern was chosen to compliment the two large custom leaf shapes and the seventeen 8’h x 2”d, letters spelling out the name of the park. Staining of the rock textured concrete consisted of 6 colors and the letters/leaves received 1 color each.

Custom Rock Formliner manufactured the multi-use elastomeric drystack formliners, custom leaves and letter molds, and completed the staining of all areas of the wall.

Read more about the project here via Watts Architecture & Engineering.

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