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Writing Concrete Formliner Stain Specifications

Most concrete projects designed with architectural formliner are intended to have aesthetic appeal, and also incorporate concrete staining or coloration. Artfully applied concrete coloration can add incredible realism and bring the formliner project to life. However, poorly applied staining can virtually ruin the aesthetic of the entire project.

Before you begin either designing a formliner project incorporating concrete coloration, or contract with a coloration company, there are some key things to remember:

Experience: Opt for an established contractor with at least 5 years of multicolor experience, and be sure to review their portfolio. Multicolor concrete staining is more of an art than a science, and very few contractors have expertise in this area. If the staining is done poorly, the entire appearance of the project will be affected, and it can be extremely expensive, and sometimes impossible to repair the damage

Curing: Concrete must be cured for at least 30 days before applying stain. If the concrete is not allowed to cure before applying the stain, the coloration won’t bond completely, and will deteriorate very prematurely.

Pressure Washing: Before applying stain to the concrete, the surface must be pressure washed at 3000 psi to remove dirt and loose debris. The surface then must be allowed to dry completely before applying the concrete stain.

Choosing color: Because coloration is more of an art than a science, we recommend that architects refrain from calling out specific colors. Very often, colors from a swatch will look very different in the field, Instead, we recommend that the specification calls for a mock-up to be stained on-site for approval. If the coloration is intended to harmonize with the surroundings, we also recommend attaching photos of the to the specification showing examples of surrounding rock colors.

Applying Multiple Colors: Using multiple colors (usually 3-5 different colors) is the best way to achieve a more natural looking finish. The stainer will apply the colors in layers, add highlights and flecking, and even make sure the mortar joints are painted.





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