Elevate Your Vision With Our Distinctive Designs

Transforming Architectural Concrete into Art

Elevate your Vision with our Decorative Concrete Formliners

Concrete Formliners—Industry Veterans & Innovators

Our long history in the formliner industry—over 37 years—began with a vision of high quality and innovation, which continues to this day. We are dedicated to researching and developing new materials and production processes to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions possible.

Connecting Design & Constructability

Because we’re committed to quality from start to finish, we manufacture formliners with both design and constructability in mind. This is what separates us from the competition: our passion for making the best formliners possible. Beautiful and durable, without shortcuts.


Brick Block Formliner

Bricks & Blocks

209 Fluted Rib Formliner

Fluted Ribs

201 Fractured Fin Formliner

Fractured Fins

Ashlar Stone




Custom Rock Formliner is based in Minnesota; they set an extremely high standard for Concrete Formliners all across the United States

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