When is urethane used?

Urethane is used for large projects or when high detail and high relief of the pattern is needed.

Urethane is best for large projects that can take advantage of the multiple reuses making these liners the most cost effective option.

Urethane liners are created by pouring or spraying urethane material onto a mold’s surface. This process picks up even the most finite pattern details. This renders a near perfect representation of the original texture onto the concrete.


Urethane Formliner Offered 4 Reuse Grades

The reuse factor depends on use, care, relief, and construction type.



Single use



Up to 6 reuses



Up to 12 reuses



Up to 100 reuses


Up to 100 reuses
High resolution pattern detail
High SqFt cost
No backing required
Special equipment is needed for handling
Plywood embedded in liner
Solid urethane rubber

Cut-Lite, Multi-Lite, Hi-Lite

Single - Up to 12 reuses
High resolution pattern detail
Medium SqFt cost
No backing required
2 people can handle
Plywood embedded in liner
Urethane rubber with urethane foam core




What is a urethane formliner and how is it used in construction?

A urethane formliner is a type of formwork material used to create textured or patterned surfaces on concrete. It is made of high-quality urethane, a flexible and durable material. Urethane formliners are placed inside the formwork or molds before pouring concrete, and they impart the desired texture or pattern to the finished concrete surface.

What are the advantages of using urethane formliners?

Urethane formliners offer several advantages in construction projects. They provide excellent detail and definition in textures and patterns, resulting in highly realistic finishes. Urethane is a flexible material, allowing for intricate designs and smooth contours. Urethane formliners are also known for their durability and can withstand multiple uses, making them a cost-effective choice for projects requiring repetitive textured or patterned surfaces.

What types of textures and patterns are available with urethane formliners?

At Custom Rock, we offer a wide range of textures and patterns for urethane formliners. Whether you're looking for the appearance of stone, brick, wood grain, or custom designs, our urethane formliners can help you achieve the desired look. Urethane formliners provide versatility in design, allowing for creative and unique finishes on concrete surfaces.

How do I install urethane formliners?

Installing urethane formliners is a straightforward process. The formliners are secured inside the formwork or molds, ensuring they are properly aligned and attached. Concrete is then poured into the formwork, allowing it to take the shape and texture of the formliner. Once the concrete has cured, the formwork is removed, revealing the textured or patterned surface created by the urethane formliner.

Can urethane formliners be used for both vertical and horizontal applications?

No, urethane formliners are mainly suitable for horizontal applications. They can be used to create textured or patterned surfaces on walls, columns, beams, and other vertical elements. While some urethane liners can be used as stamps, our products are not designed for this application.

Are there any limitations or considerations when using urethane formliners?

While urethane formliners offer great versatility and durability, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Urethane formliners may require more careful handling during installation due to their flexibility and weight. It's important to properly align and secure the formliners to ensure a consistent and uniform texture or pattern. Additionally, it's recommended to consult with our experts or a professional contractor to ensure proper installation techniques and to address any specific considerations for your project.

Are urethane formliners suitable for use with various types of concrete mixes?

Yes, urethane formliners are compatible with a wide range of concrete mixes. They offer versatility in applications, allowing for the creation of diverse patterns and textures in the final concrete structure.

Can urethane formliners be used for intricate and detailed designs in architectural projects?

Absolutely, urethane formliners are well-suited for intricate and detailed designs in architectural projects. Their flexibility and precision in reproducing fine details make them an excellent choice for achieving complex and customized patterns on concrete surfaces.

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